MOTTA & BICALHO comunica a seus clientes sua integração com CESCON BARRIEU ADVOGADOS a partir de julho/2017. Com a nova estrutura, os clientes terão à sua disposição, além da consultoria e contencioso especializados em Direito Administrativo, a expertise das equipes Cescon nas diversas áreas do direito privado, tradicionalmente atendidas pelo renomado escritório no Brasil e no exterior.


MOTTA & BICALHO informs its clientes its integration with CESCON BARRIEU ADVOGADOS starting from July/2017. According to the new structure, the clients will now have access to the consulting and litigation services traditionally offered by the renowned firm in the various fields of private law in Brazil and abroad.


MOTTA & BICALHO SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS was founded in 1998 by Carlos Pinto Coelho Motta and Alécia Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho under the name PINTO COELHO MOTTA & BICALHO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS.

The firm, traditionally specialized in Administrative Law, has consistently worked with large Government projects, assisting the Public Administration as well as private companies in public bidding procedures and public contracts.

Due to the high standards of its consultancy and litigation services, rendered by lawyers with solid professional experience, to public and private clients, the firm has consolidated a prominent and renowned position and is a point of reference in Brazilian Administrative Law.

After the passing of Professor Carlos Pinto Coelho Motta, in August 2011, founding partner ALÉCIA PAOLUCCI NOGUEIRA BICALHO took lead of the firm’s activities, implemented a project for restructuring and expanding her team of qualified lawyers and the firm’s infrastructure, and reaffirmed the firm’s presence in the professional and academic fields, as a highly specialized practice in Administrative Law.

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